Repairing Damaged Skin with a chemical peelThe key to fixing damaged or old-looking skin is to remove the outer layers to stimulate your body’s natural healing process and bring out the younger-looking, vital layers underneath. The aestheticians of Austin-Weston accomplish this with the chemical peel process.

A chemical peel involves formulating a chemical solution to match your skin type and level of damage, then applying the solution to peel away the lifeless layers of damaged skin. Your aesthetician will help you determine if you need a light, medium, or deep chemical peel. This allows the beautiful, youthful skin underneath to emerge and grow. Chemical peels are effective at revitalizing the skin of various body parts, including the face, hands, arms, neck, legs, and chest.

[maxbutton id=”1″]Chemical peels safely and effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, scar tissue, age spots, skin discolorations, and even can remove pre-cancerous lesions or growths. After undergoing a chemical peel, you should be very careful to limit your exposure to ultraviolet sunlight by staying out of the sun and using sunscreen to prevent damage. Some initial redness and swelling is typical, and will fade quickly to reveal radiant, healthy skin.